What you need to do to sell your home during winter
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What you need to do to sell your home during winter?


 Even though spring and fall are typically the best times to sell a house, this year has been anything but typical. Smart sellers realise that selling their home now may be less competition, which increases the likelihood that potential buyers will see it. According to estate agents in Manchester, it is even more crucial to make sure your property shines out as the days grow shorter and we say goodbye to the long summer days. While you have little control over the occasionally bad weather, there are many things you can do to make visitors feel welcome.

Here are some suggestions for making your home cosy and attractive if you plan to sell it during the winter.


Your home will stand out and seem friendly from the outset with a fresh coat of paint on the front door. Make sure your house number or name is clearly visible and free of greenery, and give any brass door hardware a flawless polish. Visitors will be attracted by the entrance’s inviting appearance and lighting provided by a pair of large lanterns on either side of the entryway. When you choose “Value my property” services, these small do-overs can reflect on the price of the property.

The front door should look inviting and welcoming, and the driveway should be free of debris or obstructions. The overall look of the exterior should be neat and tidy, with no loose shingles or peeling paint. The exterior also includes any landscaping around your home. If there are bushes growing over windows or creating an unsightly mess in the yard, they need to be trimmed back so that potential buyers can see inside clearly from a distance.


Before viewings, turn on the heating and, if you have one, kindle the fire for a warm glow. Turn on table and floor lamps to mellow any overhead illumination and generate a calm atmosphere. This can give a luxury feeling to your property that can help in sprucing up the price too. If your property is located in Manchester then you can opt for expert services property valuation in Manchester to understand the accurate value of the property.

Diffusers or scented candles will introduce calming scents into your home. Lights are a great way to set the mood and give potential buyers a sense of your home’s vibe. If you’ve got a large space that could use some ambient light, try turning lamps in different areas of the room. This will create an inviting atmosphere that makes people want to stay longer—and who doesn’t want that?


In the living room and bedroom, scatter pillows, throws, and blankets liberally to provide texture. Choose woven fabrics and chunky knits to cover armchairs, couches, and window seats because more is more in this space. Add soft rugs for comfort and colour underfoot if your flooring is tile or wood.

Set up a mood

Consider setting the table for a feast with coloured candles and glassware to provide pops of colour when you invite guests over for dinner. A dish of gleaming seasonal clementines will make the space more cheerful. If you have limited space, place a welcoming drinks trolley in the sitting room’s corner to create a similar atmosphere of conviviality.


Even though the garden won’t be in full bloom at this time of year, any serious prospective purchasers should go outside because outdoor space is still at the top of many people’s wish lists. If you’re hosting a property viewing, make sure your patio is tidy and that any leaves that have fallen are picked up. Leaves can be slippery as well as untidy, so it’s best to make sure they’re cleaned up before someone comes over.


As with selling during any other time of the year, make sure your home is free of clutter. Clean up paint, and replace any stains or wet spots left by earlier leaks on the walls or ceiling. Minor repairs include fixing broken tiles, painting the walls or adding a coat of paint to them, cleaning all the windows and replacing blinds, fixing doors and frames that have become damaged, repairing leaky faucets and toilets, etc. These quick fixes are typically inexpensive to do, but if neglected, they may dissuade your potential buyers during the viewing

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