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Best Intraday Green Energy Stocks For Investment In India


Intra-day trading is an investment method that happens within the same day. This plan needs quick thinking and a good understanding of changing stock prices to make smart decisions for buying and selling shares. In the active environment of the Indian stock market, green energy stocks have become interesting choices for investors who want to match their portfolios with sustainability objectives while also benefiting from market chances. So, choose the best intraday platform and start investing. This article explores the top green energy stocks suitable for intra-day trading in India, all bringing a distinct part of the renewable energy sector’s growth path into focus.

What is intraday trading?

Day trading, also known as intraday trading, is when you buy and sell financial assets all within the same day. The goal is to make a profit from small changes in prices that happen during a short period. Intraday trading is different from usual investment methods that aim for gains over a long time because it requires quick choices and fast trade actions to take advantage of what happens in the market during one day. Traders often use technical analysis methods, and they watch how the market trends and volatility signs to find good chances for profit and control risks well in this speedy trading setting.

What do you mean by green energy stocks?

Green energy stocks are those shares which belong to companies participating in the production, growing or spreading of renewable energy sources. These kinds of businesses deal with solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity and biomass energy. They make sure to focus on sustainable methods and taking care of the environment while they work hard to reduce carbon emissions as well as lessen climate change effects by promoting cleaner energy choices. When you invest in green energy stocks, it means that your money is helping to switch the economy into one which has less carbon while also giving possible financial returns from growth and use of renewable energy technology.

The best green energy stocks for intraday trading

Zodiac Energy Ltd.

Zodiac Energy Private Limited, originally known as Zodiac Genset Private Limited when it started in 1992, has grown into a leading name in the energy solutions field over three decades. The company keeps its promise of giving top-quality and affordable clean energy answers. Zodiac Energy is an example for everyone because it shows innovation and technological advancement in this area of work. The market capitalization of the company stands at Rs. 600 crore, according to the latest data. This shows the increasing significance of Zodiac Energy in the market. For intraday traders who are interested in green energy stocks, there might be a possible opportunity because of Zodiac Energy’s consistent performance and its focus on future renewable energy solutions.

For those who do intraday trading and look for chances in the area of green energy, Zodiac Energy seems like a good choice. The company’s steady performance and its focus on future renewable energy solutions make it an interesting investment option. Intraday traders could use Zodiac Energy’s past achievements and dedication to new ideas to their advantage, taking part in the company’s good progress towards meeting investment goals while also supporting environment-friendly energy efforts.

KP Energy Ltd.

KP Energy Ltd. belongs to the KP Group and primarily focuses on developing wind energy projects and related services, giving much attention to sustainable and more environmentally friendly approaches. The company started in 2010 and has swiftly gained recognition in the renewable energy sector, reflected by its market capitalisation of Rs 2,414 crore today. On August 30, 2021, when the trading closed, KP Energy had a last stock price of Rs. 362.05. It becomes a fascinating option for traders doing intraday trading and wishing to put money into wind energy companies or different kinds of eco-friendly investments.

Adani Green Energy Ltd.

Adani Green Energy Ltd, part of Adani Group, is known as an important company in the renewable energy area of India. Since when it started in 2016, this business has progressed a lot, especially by building a big solar power project that shows its focus on using sunlight to make electricity. Adani Green Energy has a big market value of 3,01,275 crore Indian rupees and the stock price when the market closed was at 1,901.95 Indian rupees. It provides plenty of chances to buy and sell shares quickly in one day. This is appealing to people wanting to invest in India’s fast-growing renewable energy sector.

JSW Energy Ltd.

JSW Energy Ltd., which is a part of the prestigious JSW Group, works in different parts such as making electricity, moving it around (transmission) and mining. They focus on giving complete solutions for all types of electricity needs. Starting in 1994 to be the top full-service electricity company in India, JSW Energy has built up a strong presence. The market value or capitalization of this business stands at Rs. 98,532 crore underlines JSW Energy’s weight in the energy industry. The diverse operations and market steadiness make it beneficial for those doing intraday trading to use JSW Energy for tactical trading moves.


NTPC Ltd. serves as a key player in India’s power industry, operating as a Public Sector Undertaking overseen by the Ministry of Power and Government of India since 1975. Its vital role includes generating electricity and performing various related activities that significantly contribute to developing our nation’s electrical infrastructure. NTPC has a big market cap of Rs. With a market cap of 3,43,795 crore and strong trading volume for intraday players, NTPC provides good liquidity and stability to handle market oscillations. Its closing share price of Rs. 354.55 shows its robustness and long-term growth possibilities in the renewable energy field.


To sum up, intraday trading in the Indian stock market has many chances for traders to take advantage of the increasing momentum in green energy. Zodiac Energy, KP Energy, Adani Green Energy, JSW Energy and NTPC are some companies that show the dynamic nature and potential of renewable energy investments in India. By using their market power, technology improvements and efforts towards sustainability they can help intraday traders manage complexities within the stock exchange while also promoting a more ecologically balanced future.

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