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Requirements and Documents for IRCTC Agent Registration


Becoming an IRCTC agent opens opportunities to provide travelers with valuable services and earn commissions. However, to register as an agent with the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), specific requirements and documents need to be fulfilled. This article will guide you through the necessary steps and documentation needed for IRCTC agent registration. From personal identification documents to financial statements, we will explore the essential paperwork and provisions aspiring agents must adhere to. By understanding the requirements for IRCTC agent registration, individuals can embark on a journey towards becoming authorized agents and offering seamless travel experiences to customers.

How Can You Register with IRCTC?

If you’re wondering how to become an IRCTC agent, one way is to register with IRCTC as an RSP (Retail Service Provider), as mentioned earlier. To become an RSP, you need to be registered with IRCTC by a Principal Service Provider (PSP). The PSP is responsible for verifying your credentials, providing you with an RSP ID, and ensuring compliance with IRCTC’s rules and regulations.

The PSP also issues RSPs a Certificate of Authorization for booking rail e-tickets to customers. As an RSP, you must follow IRCTC’s rules, maintain customer requests and ID proofs, and prominently display the Certificate of Authorization. The PSP plays a crucial role in controlling the activities of RSPs and is equally liable for any civil or criminal liabilities.

Mandates for Registration

  • Retail Service Provider (RSP) must be registered with IRCTC by the Principal Service Provider (PSP) and issued an RSP ID for booking e-tickets.
  • Verification of Aadhar No and PAN No. of RSP is mandatory during registration.
  • RSPs must authenticate their login with a one-time password (OTP) sent to their registered mobile number.
  • The PSP is responsible for preventing the sharing of IDs by RSPs.
  • RSPs must provide the correct address, unique mobile number, unique email ID, and PAN No for registration with IRCTC.
  • Any change of address must be immediately communicated to IRCTC with the original certificate issued by the PSP.
  • RSPs must read and strictly follow IRCTC’s rules and regulations, and the PSP must be fully aware of these rules.
  • RSPs should verify the IDs they provided and inform their PSP immediately if they receive an ID issued to another RSP.
  • RSPs must display a signboard outside their agency with IRCTC’s logo, which can be obtained by request from the PSP/RSP.
  • The signboard should display rules & regulations, IRCTC service charges, agent services charges, payment gateway charges, etc.
  • PSPs should issue a Certificate of Authorization to all their RSPs for booking rail e-tickets.
  • The Certificate of Authorization should be prominently displayed at the RSP outlet/Agency/Counter/Centre.
  • RSPs and PSPs should practice good business ethics.

Documents Required for Registration

The documents required for authorized IRCTC RSP (Retail Service Provider) registration include:

  • Aadhar Card: A valid Aadhar Card is necessary for identification purposes.
  • PAN Card: You will need a PAN Card for financial transactions and tax purposes.
  • Mobile Number: A working mobile number is required for communication and verification.
  • Email ID: An active email address is necessary for receiving important notifications and updates.
  • Recent Color Photo: You must provide a recent colour photograph of yourself.

It is advisable to visit the official website of IRCTC or contact an authorized principal service provider (PSP) for specific requirements and documentation.

Responsibilities and Mandates for Cancellation/Refund

  • RSP should cancel the ticket only upon customer request.
  • An OTP SMS will be sent to the customer’s mobile number when the RSP cancels the ticket. The passenger must share the OTP with the RSP for refund processing.
  • Refunds will be credited to the same account that booked the ticket based on correct OTP inputs.
  • A written request from customers is mandatory before filing TDR cases with the Railways.
  • In all cases, RSPs must refund the money to the customer immediately.
  • RSPs should inform the customer about the TDR refund process and remit the refund as and when it is credited to the RSP’s account.
  • PSPs should refund the TDR claim amount to the RSP within three working days, and the RSP should refund the amount to the customer within five working days.
  • Penalties will be imposed if the TDR claim amount is not refunded within the prescribed time limit.
  • Refund details must be provided to the customer during cancellation.

The responsibilities and mandates for cancellation/refund include proper handling of customer requests, obtaining written requests for TDR cases, timely refund processing, and adherence to the prescribed time limits for refunds.

Responsibilities of the Principal Service Provider (PSP)

The Principal Service Provider (PSP) has responsibilities from IRCTC agent registration to doing business with IRCTC and making sure that the RSP login is authenticated each time, preventing RSPs from sharing their IDs, providing the address and contact details of the RSP to IRCTC, and issuing a Certificate of Authorization to the RSP so they can book rail e-tickets for customers. Additionally, the PSP and RSPs must understand IRCTC’s rules and regulations and uphold good business ethics.


Becoming an IRCTC agent offers numerous benefits, including earning commissions and providing travellers with valuable services. If you’re wondering how to become an IRCTC agent, SiOnline is an authorized PSP that can guide individuals and businesses through registration and ensure compliance with all IRCTC rules and regulations. Join the growing community of IRCTC agents today and start offering seamless travel experiences to customers.

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