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Tips for Finding the Best Student Travel Insurance


While you travel to a whole new country for higher education with dreams and hopes to make it big in life, you need to have a checklist in place. One that helps you plan your courses, select appropriate universities, pack well, and prepare for visa applications.

While you are making a checklist for your studies abroad, ensure that you do not forget to get yourself student travel insurance from a trusted insurer, so that your travel can be safe.

Wondering how to choose the best student travel insurance? Read along to find out.

How Does Travel Insurance for Students Work?

Travel insurance for students studying abroad is an essential aspect of the entire journey. It protects you from various perils that may cause financial damage and stress in a foreign land. Moreover, it is a legal requirement in many countries for every traveller to have a valid travel insurance plan.

To get international student travel insurance, your insurer quotes a premium amount, which you pay on a monthly, yearly, or quarterly basis. You can choose a plan depending on your requirements, and your insurer will provide financial protection against many perils.

This includes medical cover, journey-related cover, and covers for your study interruptions and tuition fees. One of the biggest advantages of travel insurance is that you can claim your insurance any time, which can benefit you to continue your education and remain safe in a foreign land.

Tips for Choosing the Best Student Travel Insurance

●  Find a Plan that Fits All Your Requirements

Your international student travel insurance must fulfil all the personal and legal requirements per the country you’re going to. Many countries clearly specify the minimum requirements of insurance plans.

For example, if you are travelling to a European country, you will need travel insurance for Schengen visa with specific coverage. So, ensure that your plan offers adequate protection in a foreign land and fulfils visa requirements as well.

● Compare Plans

Conduct a good amount of research before you finalise student travel insurance. Compare features like coverage options, flexibility, claim settlement ratios, add-on options, and premium rates with multiple insurers.

● Verify Coverage Options

The features and inclusions in international Student Travel Insurance are crucial deciding factors. Ensure that your policy offers coverage for study interruption, compassionate visits, sponsor protection, pre-existing diseases, bail bonds, personalaccidents, and other travel-related issues common for students.

Also, verify whether your insurance offers add-on benefits like physiotherapy coverage, treatment of mental and nervous disorders, etc.

● Check if it Offers 24/7 Support

In case of an unfortunate event in a foreign land, having 24/7 support to assist you with various issues like claim processing or travel assistance can be a big relief. Ensure that your student travel insurance offers this support to have worry-free solo travel.


Travel Insurance for students studying abroad is crucial to protect them from unprecedented financial losses and mental stress. You can choose the best Student Travel Insurance plan by following these simple tips. The advantages of Travel Insurance will help you save your valuable time and money, and let you travel with peace of mind. Along with giving a sense of security to you, a student travel plan can also help you meet the visa requirements for certain countries.

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