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Discovering The TVS Ronin Two-Wheeler


The TVS Ronin commands attention on the road with its sleek and stylish design, blending cruiser, scrambler, and street-naked elements. The powerful fuel tank, pointed tail, and sporty headlamp create a distinct appearance. The middle exudes cruiser vibes, the back takes on a scrambler-like form, and the USD front fork adds street-racing aesthetics, making it uniquely captivating.

Powerful And Efficient Engine

The TVS Ronin features a cutting-edge 313cc liquid-cooled engine for enhanced performance and handling. Its compact design and counterbalance system reduce vibrations for improved stability. Generating 34 horsepower and 27.3 Nm of torque ensures optimal temperature management. With a precise six-speed gearbox and fuel injection system, the Ronin reaches a top speed of 160 km/h, accelerating from 0 to 60 km/h in 2.93 seconds.

Advanced Tyres, Suspension, And Chassis

Equipped with cutting-edge features, the TVS Ronin’s chassis ensures optimal stability and control. The high-strength steel used maintains a lightweight build without compromising durability. The bike’s suspension system, including mono-shock rear suspension and telescopic front forks, offers exceptional stability and handling in various road conditions.

High-performance tubeless tyres provide superior stability, grip, and puncture resistance. Both wheels’ dual-channel ABS disc brakes maximise safety and excellent stopping power.

Technologically Advanced Riding Experience

The TVS Ronin integrates the latest technology to enhance the riding experience. Bluetooth connectivity allows riders to connect their smartphones for features like turn-by-turn navigation, call and message alerts, and vehicle status updates, ensuring connectivity without diverting attention from the road. The digital instrument cluster displays critical data, while LED lighting improves visibility and visual appeal.

Variants And Pricing

The TVS Ronin has three versions: SS, DS, and TD. Starting at Rs 1.49 lakh, the entry-level SS model features single-tone colours, monotone body decals, and single-channel ABS. The DS variant, priced at INR 1.58 lakh, introduces dual-tone colours, a silver headlight rim finish, and gold front forks while retaining mono-channel ABS. The top-tier TD model, starting at Rs 1.68 lakh, boasts additional features like adjustable levers, dual-channel ABS, and triple-tone colour schemes.

Vehicle specifications, features, and pricing may vary, and readers need to verify the latest information from authorised dealerships, manufacturers, or reliable sources before making any purchasing decisions.

Insurance And Compliance

According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, purchasing a TVS Ronin requires obtaining a bike insurance policy. 

Insurance providers offer online bike insurance policy options for a hassle-free and convenient process. Make sure you carry out the bike insurance renewal process on time for uninterrupted coverage. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. *

Before hitting the road with your TVS Ronin, ensure you’ve secured the necessary bike insurance premium to protect against unforeseen expenses. Ensure that you compare bike insurance online before buying a policy.

The TVS Ronin emerges as a powerful and stylish retro-modern motorcycle in the 200–300cc segment. With a design inspired by the Zeppelin cruiser, it caters to modern tastes while delivering outstanding features and performance. Available in three versions, each with its unique set of features, the TVS Ronin appeals to riders seeking a top-tier motorcycle regardless of their experience level. With its sophistication, technology, and performance, the TVS Ronin stands out as an exciting option in the expanding Indian motorcycle community.

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