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Future of Commodity Markets and Commodity Trading


The Commodity market is a place for trading primary products and raw materials. There are two types of commodities, hard and soft. Natural resources mined or extracted are hard commodities. It includes gold, silver, rubber and oil. Soft products are agricultural products like wheat, pork belly, coffee, corn, pork and soybeans.

The trading of these commodities is known as Commodity Trading. Commodity trading is a way to diversify traders’ portfolios on the share market app. These trading are risky investments because their market impacts uncertainties and are difficult to predict, like unusual weather patterns, disasters or epidemics. Take a look at the Future of Commodity Markets and Commodity Trading and study the best Mutual Funds to invest in on a share market app and grow your portfolio.

What is the Future of the Commodity Market?

The commodity market allows consumers and producers to gain access to the liquid and centralised marketplace. Investors, Speculators and arbitrageurs play a functional role in the market. In an agricultural surplus country like India, commodity derivatives play a crucial role in risk and price management. Hedging instrument derivatives like futures, forwards, options, swaps and unique derivative products are used in the global market. A study on the Indian commodity market suggests various public websites of commodity exchange and organisational and regulatory set-up for future trading.

Factors that drive commodity prices are different from factors that drive equity price. The study explores the advantage of adding commodities to your share market portfolio. A commodity future contract is an agreement to trade a commodity with a future date mentioned. Many contracts contemplate the agreement is fulfilled on the delivery of the commodity.

What is the Future of Commodity Trading?

Commodity traders are those companies who use financial markets to fund operations and limit the risk of the prince involved. They transport and transform commodities in the world. The future of commodity trading refers to the unpredictable price of products used on daily basis. The future of commodity trading is risky because of its unpredictable market. However, investors can diversify their portfolios and get exposure to the global market. The market’s seasonal pattern can be tracked.

What is Forex Commodity?

Apart from raw goods, Commodities also include forex or foreign exchange. The global market that trades in currencies like euros, rupees, yen and dollars is called forex. The difference between forex and commodity trading is dealt with the underlying security. The similarity between them is concerning their analysis and approach. Currently, Forex commodity is the biggest financial market and is the exchange of currencies in pairs and pips.

Trading on Forex and commodity market is similar on certain fronts, but also different on others. As an investor, you can study both markets before making any type of investment. As mentioned earlier, keep a track of the seasonal pattern of these markets before investing. Motilal Oswal app is the best share market app to use, study and invest through. They also have a list of the best mutual funds to invest in and earn profit.

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