What To Look For When Getting Arizona Seller Permit
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What To Look For When Getting Arizona Seller Permit


You need to get an Arizona seller permit if you are in business. To obtain this permit, you need to pass a criminal background check. In other words, the state wants to ensure that you will not try and fraud anyone in your business dealings.

Be sure you read all of these instructions before beginning the process so that everything goes smoothly:

1You will need at least one form of government-issued identification

It can be a driver’s license, a state ID, citizenship card, or military ID.

2. If you have a business license, you will need to present that as well

If your company is not based in Arizona but conducts business there regularly, you will need to get an Arizona seller permit.

First, you must visit the Arizona Department of Revenue website to register. Once you have done that, you need to pass a criminal background check. It can be difficult if your name is in any registry for fraud or other crimes.

Doing business without an Arizona seller permit is illegal, and it could cost you up to $150 if you get caught. So take the process seriously from the start and avoid this situation.

Documents to use

  1. If you are 21 years of age or older, you can show your driver’s license.
  2. If you are younger than 21 years old, you can show a state-issued ID card.
  3. You must have the documentation with the physical address of your place of business. If not, you will have to provide another form of identification such as a rental agreement, bill, or property tax statement (this information must not be older than two months).
  4. If you do not have physical documentation at the moment, but you plan to get it soon, then you can present a letter from your landlord that includes the address and phone number of your business location. This letter must be less than two months old.
  5. The application process will also require your Social Security number and the Social Security number of all other owners. If you do not have a Social Security number, you will need to fill out Form 4029 from the Arizona Department of Economic Security.
  6. You must prove that your company is registered in the state of Arizona. You can do this by showing a Certificate of Status or a Certificate of Fact. If these forms are not available at the time, then you can present a document from the Arizona Corporation Commission.
  7. You must have a Form 4029 if any of the following is true:

Your business was just created.

You are a foreign citizen who is doing business in the U.S.

You do not have a Social Security number.

  1. You must prove that you are not delinquent on any state taxes. If you owe back taxes, you need to contact the Arizona Department of Revenue before registering for your seller permit.

Wrapping Up

After you complete and submit the application form, you need to wait for a response before applying for an Arizona seller permit.

The office that processes these applications is known as the Arizona Department of Revenue. After determining that your Arizona seller permit application is valid, they will send your physical permit by mail within 60 days.

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