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What Are the Most Innovative Online Video Ad Formats?


Video advertising has never been more important for brands and their marketing campaigns. According to 2021 statistics, the average viewer will watch 100 minutes of online videos on a daily basis – and this number has been jumping up significantly each year with no signs of slowing down.

Due to the crucial role video ads play in current marketing strategies, it’s important you stay ahead of the curve. This is why you need to utilize the most innovative online video ad formats around right now. There’s just one question: What formats are the ones you should be targeting?

To answer, we have listed below the best video ad formats around today.

Rewarded video ads

Simply put, there are minimal ad formats that people look forward to seeing while browsing online. However, one exception to this rule is rewarded video ads.

As you can likely gather from the name, these ads provide a form of incentive for those that stick around to watch the video. For instance, if a mobile game features its own coin currency, more coins can be rewarded to users who watch a full-screen, 30-second ad. Plus, it’s possible to implement these videos with a skip option, giving users the option to either receive a reward or get straight back to playing the game.

Ultimately, rewarded video ads are a win-win for both users and advertisers. Users are motivated to watch the video for their gift, while advertisers know they gain a high level of engagement and retention from their ad.

Outstream video ads

Also known as native video advertising, out-stream video ads are different from your standard video ad formats. This is because they don’t appear in a typical video environment. They show up on webpages, whether they’re in the bottom right corner, top left, sidebar, or anywhere else, and auto-play for users as they browse the site.

This format is particularly unique because it’s not necessary for a website to implement a video player for these ads to function. Advertisers also don’t have to worry about their marketing budget being wasted away. Outstream video ads will pause if they’re not 100% in-view. In addition, an advertiser will only be billed if a video ad has been watched for a specific amount of time, such as 30 seconds.

Bumper video pre-rolls

If TikTok has shown us anything, it’s that people love to consume quick snippets of video content. This is particularly the case when it comes to video ads. In general, users want to avoid sitting around for 30+ seconds to see what you have to offer. However, a solution to this potential problem can be found in short-form videos.

This type of rich media advertising can be highly effective in the right hands. Even with just six seconds to play with, a skilled video marketer can craft a slice of content that conveys your message in an impactful and memorable manner that resonates with your target audience. Another advantage is that, due to their short run time, they are also not going to irritate viewers – even if they’re not invested in your brand.

CTV-compatible ads

A connected TV (CTV) ad is one that is displayed on television sets that are connected to the internet. These ad formats will appear across streaming media and are displayed via OTT platforms. These platforms include video game consoles, HDMI sticks, and streaming boxes.

Streaming services continue to grow in popularity, which means CTV-compatible ads can help in targeting a wide range of audiences. As major OTT platforms supply extensive data analytics to go along with ad usage, the tools are available for advertisers to finetune and improve their marketing efforts.

The video ad industry is already an essential component of any marketing strategy – and it continues to grow at a lightning speed. When combined with other present marketing tools, such as innovative HTML5 banner ads, you have the ability to stick with current trends, reach your target audience more effectively, and ultimately maximize your marketing expenditure while generating more important sales for your business.

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