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How Do I Sell My Annuity Payments?


When faced with significant investment opportunities, huge debts, or unprecedented medical costs, selling all or part of your annuity might give you much-needed financial freedom and peace. As an annuity owner you can invest in one to be financially stable when you retire or you may have one set up due to a structured settlement.

However, things don’t always play out as expected, and when experiencing financial difficulty, your annuity payments could provide short-term relief for unplanned expenses or avoiding long-term debt. Therefore, some annuity owners have the option to sell their payments and receive immediate lump sums in exchange.

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Common Reasons for Selling Annuity Payments 

You could sell your annuity for a multitude of reasons and to solve an array of financial issues. This includes clearing medical expenses, purchasing a new house, settling college tuition, as replacement income after a job loss, etc.

Steps to selling Your Annuity Payments

1. Researching buyers

Before you sell your annuity you must do your homework, which you can start by doing an online search. Conduct comprehensive research to find buyers offering the best services and deals. Always look at the Google reviews and a high Better Business Bureau rating. If you have a personal accountant or financial advisor, consider seeking their professional opinion to ensure that you find the best firms in the market.

2. Talk to a Representative and Get Quotes

After identifying a few trustworthy factoring companies, initiate communication. Talk to the customer service reps who will explain your selling options in simple language and provide a quote. It is okay to let potential buyers know that you are also getting quotes from other companies.

You are more likely to get a better quote when the company knows you are seeking other offers. Compare the quotes and conduct your research to verify any information provided by these buying companies.

3. Accept an Offer

Assess your offers and after comparing them, choose the best one. If you have a structured payment, just know that you’ll be selling the rights at a discount regardless of the company. The lower the rate, the more beneficial for you as your payments will retain more cash value. You can negotiate the discount rate.

4. Complete the Paperwork

Your insurance annuity provider and the buying company will process your paperwork when selling an annuity. In most cases you’ll have to seek court approval when selling your future structured settlement payments. Once the documentation for the transference of ownership is complete, the remaining part of the process will take a few weeks.


Once done with these steps, you’ll wait to get approved, and afterward, you’ll receive your money. Always remember that there are risks associated with selling part or the entirety of your annuity. The process can come with different costs, including interest and transactional fees. Doing so will also reduce the number of future payments you or your beneficiaries receive. For more information feel freetocontact with We Pay More Funding.

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