Going Digital With Virtual Event Platforms
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Going Digital With Virtual Event Platforms


Virtual event platforms include a number of interactivity tools for planning, organizing, and conducting online events. These solutions can assist you in replicating the experience and quality of physical events through digital interactions. Virtual event platforms are customizable software solutions for managing and hosting many sorts of online events you wish to conduct, such as association meetings, conferences, trade events, and job fairs.

By combining interactive tools like Q&A, live polling, group chat, and 1:1 networking, virtual event platforms may assist in replicating in-person event experiences. Many tools help to improve digital experiences by providing participants with mobile event applications that allow them to participate in the event from any device.

Being Inclusive

Virtual events are often scrutinized for taking the audience from in-person events. Virtual events, on the other hand, have the opposite impact. Attending in-person events can be challenging for many people for a wide range of reasons, ranging from financial and economic constraints to health concerns and impairments.

For instance, people who cannot afford to travel to a distant country to attend a seminar would feel included if there was an online streaming option. Helping people to take part online for the first time may be a selling point to attract them to engage more in your event in the future.

Saves Money

Virtual events may be an ideal choice for event and meeting organizers on a tight budget. Virtual events are often 75% less expensive compared to in-person experiences because organizers save money on employees, venue, setup and breakdown, lodging, food, travel fees, and other expenses. The only thing virtual event organizers need to be concerned about is the pricing of their virtual meeting platform. Virtual events are a great option if you are held with a limited budget.

Perform Analytics

Collecting and measuring feedback and engagement is crucial for all types of events. But a challenge for in-person events is getting people to participate and to actually use tools to help track key KPIs, such as mobile event apps, surveys, etc. That is not the case with virtual events; all that your attendees need to do is join the event and participate in the engagement activities. The virtual event platform performs all the metrics on a real-time basis. This real-time feedback will not only help you judge how your session is going, but it will also be useful in determining the overall success of your virtual event.


Since virtual events are hosted digitally, you have a lot of freedom in how you promote your event. You can choose to make the sessions interactive, give several language options, invite guest speakers, and much more. You could conduct a leadership conference, webinar, sales launch, or another form of event. Virtual event platform gives you the most event flexibility possible, not just as the event host but also for your guests.


Digital events can get boring for your audience without having fun interactive tools. Try Votemo to make your audience feel indulged and entertained. Votemo provides dynamic tools such as live polling, word cloud, sponsored content, live Q&A tool, and so much more. With Votemo, your virtual event hosting experience is made easy and fun.

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