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7 Tips for buying online or paying by card safely


The credit card number and other data to communicate

Card data must not be communicated without valid reason and without precaution.

To pay for a purchase online or to book remotely (car rental or hotel reservation, etc.) even by phone, you will need to provide:

the card number (16 digits on the front),

its expiration date,

the visual cryptogram (last 3 digits of your card reference on the back of the signature panel).

The National Commission for Informatics and Liberties ( CNIL ) recommends that traders do not store the bank details of their customers.

Prefer to enter the number for each card payment on the Internet and always have the amount and date of the transaction confirmed.

Finally, consider adopting the safety reflexes of online shopping.


Your authentication as the holder of the bank card

To verify that the card is being used for an online purchase by its owner, more and more sites are asking for additional information. It may be different from one bank to another. More and more, we hear about strong client authentication or two-factor authentication.

One can thus find for example a single-use security code in particular:

displayed by a small electronic box,

displayed by a small card reader,

received by telephone (SMS) at the time of the transaction …

Please note, this is not your confidential code .

To authenticate, you are redirected to a page of your bank in order to enter this code that it controls. Any refusal of entry results in the cancellation of the transaction. At no time will the merchant be in possession of this information.

This authentication will gradually equip all bank card holders, the system is gradually being implemented on merchant websites.


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Precautions to be taken

Never give out your confidential code ,

Enter your card data yourself with each payment: do not save them in your customer account on the merchant website,

Check that the site on which you are paying is secure (a small padlock appears at the bottom of the page),

Always keep the confirmation of the amount, date and reference of the transaction.

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