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5 Reasons Kotak Assured Savings Plan Make for an Attractive Savings Proposition


You would never like to settle for anything but the best when it comes to planning for your future. No wonder we are constantly searching for the correct avenues, only to ensure effectively high returns on investments.

In the present day, there are a plethora of savings and investment products widely available in the market. Most of them cater to numerous financial preferences and requirements of individuals.

But if you’re searching for a comprehensive product with guaranteed returns, you should choose to invest in Kotak Assured Savings Plan. This effective plan doesn’t only provide guaranteed returns but also secures your financial future.

This article will give you valuable insights regarding why the assured savings plan is an attractive savings proposition. Let’s get started.

What Makes Kotak Assured Savings Plan an Attractive Savings Proposition?

It is no secret that guaranteed life insurance plans offer effective fixed returns on your savings. Besides, it also provides a wide range of additional benefits. This savings plan is designed to suit your evolving financial goals and requirements.

Listed here are the top 5 reasons why Kotak Assured Savings Plan is a remarkable savings proposition:

1. Customisable Payout Structure

Over time, insurers have effectively innovated their guaranteed products. Some of them even offer customized payout structures lined with consumers’ financial requirements.

Remember that the payout structure is different for all plans. While some offer a regular flow of income, others make a lump sum payout during maturity. However, since multiple policy term options exist, you can choose a tenure that fits you best.

Nevertheless, adequate planning will efficiently help you seamlessly meet your goals.

2. Fixed Guaranteed Returns

Kotak Assured Savings Plan comes with the promise of fixed guaranteed returns. This means that you will earn a predetermined interest rate on your investment, regardless of market conditions. This makes it an ideal choice for risk-averse investors who are looking for stability and predictable income.

3. Long-Term Tax Benefits on Returns

Unlike other investment avenues, the assured savings plan lets you save taxes while paying a premium and availing of maturity benefits. Income Tax Act under Section 80C states that all premiums paid towards insurance policies are eligible for a tax deduction.

4. Amplified Protection and Guaranteed Life Cover

While you invest in Kotak Assured Savings Plan, it’ll ensure your financial security for your loved ones. Additionally, this plan can provide life cover as well as guaranteed returns.

A wide array of guaranteed savings products let you opt for riders. But even though the riders come at an additional cost, they enhance the overall protection through increased coverage.

5. Limited Tenure for Premium Payment

As our life is full of uncertainties, long-term payment commitments might not be a perfect suit for all. Kotak Assured Savings Plan comes with an exceptionally limited premium payment tenure. This undoubtedly makes an attractive savings tenure. The short-term premium payment can help reap long-term returns.

To Conclude

Choosing the best savings plan that seamlessly fits your objectives for future life goals is always important. To do the same, you must establish your investment goals and plans first.

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