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Is a psl a worthy investment?


Permanent seat licenses (PSL) have proven to be a good way for a team to raise funds, especially after a newly constructed stadium. A permanent seat license gives the owner the right to buy a specific seat in the stadium as long as their team performs in that venue. That means the team doesn’t have any mandate to move you to a different seat. For instance, if you have a PSL ownership for 4seats on the 50yard line or 10rows back, you cannot be moved to an inferior seat as long as you keep renewing your ownership every year.

As a permanent seat holder, you can also sell your PSL ownership to someone else, which gives them the right to purchase particular types of tickets. Depending on your NFL PSL value, you could sell it at more or less than what you got it for.

How much does a permanent seat license cost?

In the 80s and 90s, when permanent seat licenses came into the marketplace, they were going for as low as $250, and the most expensive ones were only a few thousand dollars. However, the latest PSL offerings have been a different story. For instance, the New York Stadium and Atlanta falcons have PSL tickets that go for as much as $100,000 and even more for the VIP seats. The most pricey Dallas Cowboys PSL was listed for a resale at $262,500. The value of a PSL depends on the team’s performance and the location of the seat.

Can you profit from permanent seat licenses?

The answer is yes; you can profit from permanent seat licenses in two ways. The first way is by holding the PSL, then purchase the best tickets that you can resale in an NFL PSL marketplace above its face value. However, this is a challenging strategy.

Teams understand the marketplace, and they employ large marketing departments that analyze the pricing and charge the cost that earns the team the maximum amount of money for every seat. But they never charge abnormally higher prices because fans can give up and say enough is enough. Since they still want to keep the costs moving up and want you to pay as much as possible, they price the seats at the edge of what many people are comfortable with.

If you are after profits, there are circumstances when you can sell your tickets for more money. For instance, when a great team is coming to perform at the stadium. But you must consider subsidizing the tickets on preseason games that many people are not interested in or the late-season games when your team is out of contention.

The other way to make money from your permanent seat license is to sell it more than you paid for it in a marketplace. You can profit from flipping a PSL, but only if you purchased it below the market price and sell it for the market value with less commission. But the challenge is finding a PSL holder who can sell to you below the market value. You can use the PSL major websites that offer PSL marketplaces to find a market value buyer to sell to.

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